How many times you’ve thought about hiring a person who can take care of all your digital marketing needs, right from devising a campaign to writing a copy to design it and then posting it at the right time? Were you lucky to find that one person? Well if you did, hats off to you, BUT if you didn’t read further.

A few days back one of our clients called up asking if it would be wise to hire a person in-house to design their marketing campaigns as this could save them a lot of money? Our immediate question to our beloved client was well “who’ll devise the campaign, make the campaign idea tangible, then write a copy and finally post it after designing”. He understood the point we were making and did not discuss further.

PS: He’s one of our clients for whom we’ve pulled off successful marketing campaigns and the company has got an overwhelming response through rising sales numbers in those times.

There’s no one person who does it all

The reason: running an effective advertising campaign is a collective effort. It demands the coming together of various experts and expertise!

Think of a simple Facebook campaign – comprising of a couple of posts – you want to launch. It starts with having a strategist who can strategize the campaign for you and make it tangible. Then it takes a copywriter to come up with the thought/line followed by a designer who would bring it to life using his/ her designing skills. In short, it takes three people to create a campaign for you.

Imagine, you run from one to the other to get the work done. And it does not end there; once all is sorted you got to post it to your audience.

Well, quite a task for you!

The best would be to outsource the task unless you can hire the entire team in-house. Design Agencies with dedicated project managers are around for a simple reason. And that is to make your life easier. Let’s take you through a few things your project managers do, which often get ignored:

1. Building it up

Whenever you’ve got a task that you want to get done, all you do is call your project manager and tell them your thoughts with a lot of “maybe’s”, “maybe not” and “that you can take your call”.

If you’ve not noticed, they’re even able to extract that piece of information that you missed on mentioning. Right from the first call with you to writing a brief, creating a roadmap to executing the project, everything is handled by your project manager.

2. Dealing With YOU

You often come up with ideas based on the things that you see around and want to try out with your brand too. But everything that you bring to the table may not be good for your brand/ project.

For instance, we were designing a billboard for one of our clients that would be placed across the prominent locations in the city. When the discussion began about what should go on it, our client had a long list. We had to stop him there and had to explain that “A passerby who could be a prospective customer gets only a few fleeting seconds to take a look at the hoarding and if we would put in every minute detail, it would not solve the purpose”. He understood what we were getting at.

Many times it’s your project manager who convinces you on matters like these and saves you from the damages such acts can do.

3. Putting Together The Right Team & Keeping Them Intact

Different kinds of projects need different experts with varying expertise. For instance, a person whose masters the art of blog writing may not be good with scripts for videos or content for websites. On the other hand, a designer who designs great websites would never be a right fit to design cool Facebook graphics.

Thus, it’s important to identify the right people to do the job which your project manager does when a project begins.

Things don’t end with bringing the right people together as you need to keep them intact until the end of the project. There are times when a designer or a copywriter may give up but it’s the project manager who helps them ‘reach there’ by gentle persuasion, offering a new perspective or playing the cheerleader.

4. Keeping Up with The Changing Times

Your business needs to keep up with changing trends to retain the customers, especially in the digital world. Thus, as someone who is at the forefront of things, your project manager is always aware of the latest trends. This way, they ensure that you keep up with what’s trending and always stay on top of client’s minds.

Now that you know what’s important, hire an awesome project manager who stays on top of all things while all you do is concentrate on what you’re good at.

Looking to hire one, drop us a line at https://codesignlabs.com/

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