Newsletters – do you think they are “promotional or too boring”? Well, it’s time to change the way you think about this time proven channel that is a cost-effective way to build a loyal and sticky client base. When you hear someone say ‘Newsletters are often the life force of a company’s marketing campaign’, remember it’s no exaggeration. They are imperative in taking a brand to the next level.

For businesses of all sizes, reaching out to your clients and prospective customers is of utmost importance. Newsletters act one of those mediums that helps your clients/ customers remember that “YOU EXIST”. SO CONNECT!

Here are a few reasons why you should publish newsletters once a month or at least once in a quarter-:

Spread the word

Information on its own aren’t really helpful. Spreading the information is as important as collecting it. Let the world – or at least the customers & prospective clients know about what the company is doing and why it’s worthwhile to read about it.

Wake up call

Newsletters pave the way to knock the doors of ‘dormant’ customers/ clients. No wonder, you might have forgotten them or they might have forgotten you but it gives you a chance to keep telling them regularly about what’s happening with you and your clients. Who knows when they might knock your door again.

Build traction for upcoming events

At the outset, newsletters aren’t supposed to be your medium for a sales pitch but it does give you an opportunity to spread a word about the upcoming events or campaigns that you’re planning.

You get to take control of the steering and direct the traffic to where you want it to be.

Build a connection that lasts

The most important thing that a newsletter does is it builds a connection that lasts for long. Sending out newsletters which seems like an update from an interesting or helpful friend, (rather than a pushy salesperson) helps to build an audience that looks forward to know about the organisation they’re associated with.

And, the next time when your clients are looking for products/ services like yours; they’ll only reach out to you because they KNOW YOU and TRUST YOU.

Consumers today expect to know more than the product/service. They don’t buy the product/ service, they buy the brand behind it. To bridge this gap, you’ll need to do something more than your regular sales pitch. Therefore folks, the question isn’t any more about whether to start an email newsletter; it is how one can create a newsletter that people will actually want to open.

PS. – Do check out our next blog on “how to make your newsletter engaging”.

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