Few days back I was interacting with one of our potential clients who mentioned “I have burnt my money twice to get a decent website done for my company and still haven’t got it live. I hope I am not making the same mistake again”. This statement came in at the closure of our talks for starting the project.

By this statement he wanted to make it clear that I better keep up the promises I am making.

After his statement, I became a little curious and went on to ask him what went wrong both the times.


He quoted

The first person I worked with was an amazing developer and had built great websites.

But when the project started I was asked questions like

  • what would be the color for the website?
  • what all do you wish to show on your website,
  • share the content and pictures that you want to be put up

While I tried to adhere to his requirements; I realized it needed a lot of time to do it on my own than I had envisaged and thus I surrendered.


The second time; I ensured that I am working with a person who knows it all that the first one did not. But in this case, I ended up doing almost everything from research to finding flaws to feedbacks to approvals. I eventually call off the project again as it took too much of my time and resources.


Well, the reason of the failure of the quoted projects was not the lack of talent but the “interaction of a domain expert with a layman”.

Our “Chief Of Customer Success” never let you down

We are a company that not just boasts about the curated pool of freelancers we have but also our team of awesome project managers (Chief Of Customer Success as they like to call them).

Our project managers act as a coordinating link between our clients and freelancers and they are the ones who are responsible for gathering information from the clients, identifying the freelancers to be involved in a project; preparing the briefs, passing it to the freelancers; monitoring the progress; evaluating and giving the feedbacks on the first drafts and sending the final work for approval to our clients.

In short, they manage it all!

Clients interactions are story telling sessions

We know that “no two clients are same nor will their projects be”. Hence, we do not believe in sitting like robots with checklists to gather client requirements. We often call our requirement gathering calls as “story-telling sessions” wherein we insist our clients to speak their heart out and tell us all they can about themselves, their businesses, their competitors, their vision etc.

The best part is those can’t talk much; we get them talking. Thus, our clients love talking to us as they are able to talk that they want to and not that they are supposed to.

Quality and consistency go hand in hand

While in the client facing role, it may look like that we may not have much processes in the organisation but at the core we are a highly process driven organization which helps us to deliver quality work consistently while working with a team that so wide and varied (50+ curated freelancers and still growing).

Once the client requirement has been gathered;

  • We first identify the freelancers that would be needed for the project;
  • Prepare project briefs (in a standard format) which comprises of the guidelines that they have to follow while working on each project along with requisite references
  • We roll out the briefs along with deadlines
  • Review the work to see if it complies with the project brief or not
  • Send it to the client for approval

We follow standard work practices that helps us to deliver quality projects within the committed time frame consistently.

Our clients and freelancers love us

Though at the core we have strong processes that guides communication, and management of projects but we are a people’s organisation and pay special attention to people’s thoughts, ideas, concerns and feedbacks be it our clients or the freelancers. This is what makes us people’s (clients and freelancers) favourites.

Are you struggling to get your branding right or getting collaterals designed for your marketing or revamping your website or building a new one? Do you really wish someone could lead it the way your in-house team would have? Do let us know at [email protected]!


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