How many customers will I get after running this branding campaign? How many followers will increase in a month if I start posting daily? How many people will see my ad if I spend this amount on branding?

This is what goes in the minds of many companies when they are looking for brand building. They get so fixed on the number game, they completely forget the core objective of “building” a brand. And, if you too think the same way, it’s time you understand what branding is.

The fundamental purpose of most branding activities is to increase the brand’s visibility in the market and to build a positive reputation. You wish to achieve the same success that your role model in the industry enjoys but the real problem is that you want to reach that stage, today!

Success cannot be always boxed into numbered metrics

Let’s take an example: When you carry out a guerilla campaign and place 100 car tags, can you determine how many people will notice and give you a call? What if they do look at it but don’t call back? Would you conduct this activity again or not? To stop will be a terrible mistake.

If you expect instant results then you are making a grievous error. What you fail to acknowledge is a fact that we are dealing with human emotions and it takes time to build meaningful connections with them. So if you’re too fixated on getting the results instantly, then you should not consider building a brand as there’s nothing called as “overnight success”.

Consistency is key to enhanced visibility

You have to keep reminding your target groups about you. Only when they see you enough, they start recognizing you and develop affinities be it through emails, blogs, social media posts, outreach marketing, or any other way. The more consistent you are in building awareness, the more likely it becomes to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers and their attention.

Reconsider your expectations from marketing

When you are taking your first steps towards dedicated online branding, do not begin with the expectations of getting a huge number of likes, reshares, follows, and enquiries. As this expectation will either instill fear in you and won’t let you start your branding journey at all. It may lead to disappointment and you will not continue for a considerable time. Marketing is a part of brand building and your branding goals are to create value-driven content for your users so that they understand why your products/ services are good for them.

Remember people don’t buy you just because you are good, they buy you because you are a good fit for them.

The Key Takeaway

There is no shortcut to success, and it is amateurish to believe it can be completely quantified.
While the final outcome of brand awareness and brand-building adds to the company’s quantifiable value, but, to think that it happens from the first day of branding is wrong. Likes, followers, reshares, etc., are all by-products of building a great online reputation, the ultimate objective of branding.

So, save yourself from these surface expectations or else you’ll not feel motivated to do it long enough to matter.

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