So, you are a startup founder and met an investor in a startup conference. After your basic conversation, exchange of visiting cards and your business pitch to him, he asked you to mail your “Pitch Deck” to him and moved on.

Here it is where the trouble starts, and you can be in any one of these situations –:

You have never made a pitch deck before and are unsure about how to make a deck?

You have a deck in place, but you are unsure about the content and flow?

Your pitch deck is badly designed and doesn’t leave a long-lasting impression?

Apart from meeting an investor, you might meet a potential client or a top executive of a company you wish to partner with. Again, the conversation will end up on the same note – “Send me your deck and I’ll get back to you”. i.e. they would want to see some kind of a document, preferably a marketing deck or a sales deck or some sort of product presentation to understand your offerings and learn more about the business.

“Quoting my personal experience, I get requests from so many early-stage startup founders to mentor them and help them with various challenges, and again the first thing that I ask for is a Pitch Deck. Unfortunately, I never hear back from more than 50% of them. And even all those who share it well in time have presentations which are content heavy, aesthetically unappealing and too boring to go through“ ~ Dilnawaz Khan, Founder – Codesign Labs

Most of the founders end up using some sort of a template or a DIY solution but making a deck using these has its own set of challenges:

YOU are “NOT content experts”; and may end up writing long boring paragraphs and make the presentation content heavy

YOU are “NOT design experts”; and may end up designing something “good looking” but that something good looking may be not be the right visual representation of the content; leave aside following the brand guidelines

YOU will eventually “end up wasting a lot of TIME” which could have been used to tick off some really important tasks of your lists

We know that making a presentation is not as simple as it may sound, and startup founders make innumerable mistakes in making the presentations and eventually waste a lot of energy and time.

Over the past 6 months, while we were working on various design assignments, most of the companies admitted how badly they needed someone for presentation designs (including content) as they had to invest a lot of time doing so.

We started speaking with our clients, startup founders, and also incubators and hearing their challenges; we started to build a productized service that not only will help craft an effective and more compelling presentation but will eventually help them land at the investor or client meeting they have been eyeing for.

Today, we are super happy to launch: POWERDECK, a one-stop destination that fulfills all your presentation design needs.

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