Last address by the PM gave India a new slogan – “Vocal for Local”, a narrative to give our local brands a boost and to encourage entrepreneurs at all stages to work towards making India self-reliant. Thus, it is a great opportunity for local brands to jump right in here and give consumers the right reasons to switch to their products or services.

How to build your loyal customer base?

How to make your customer your patron, your advocate from merely a buyer? To begin with, do not take them for granted. They might come to you because they believe in your brand or for the change of heart that may happen in the times to come. But it is on you to make them stay, by giving them the amazing brand and customer experience they’ve been used to with the global brands.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Branding and Packaging

We cannot stress enough on this! Your customer experiences the brand first with their eyes; even before they can feel it and use it. The brand colours, design elements, and packaging are what will help them start forming an opinion about your brand on first encounter.
Take a look at some of the packaging designs we did



Going digital with your brand is imperative and now even more than ever! Even if your users do not experience your brand online first, they will resort to the digital medium to get more knowledge on it. Give them the ease of getting information, engaging, buying, and even communicating with you online. Thus, it’s imperative to have websites, social media pages to ensure they have enough information about you when they come looking for you. Take a look at some of the websites we have built-:


Regular Marketing

With thousands of choices available in every segment, customer loyalty is fickle. The only way to make them loyal to you is to keep reminding them of your existence and the value you bring to them. Regular updates on your products and services, constant feedbacks, and engagement will help you gain their trust to build a lasting connect.


Increased customer loyalty and new business is what they have got by having a digital presence and digital communication channels.

Brands like Fabindia, Zomato, Café Coffee Day too started local and with the right communication, and marketing strategies soon became national brands and eventually global. The opportunities are many and for all. The market is favorable to local brands right now, the Government is supportive and so is the current state of mind of your consumer. A few right steps for your brand and you can grow and expand exponentially and go global sooner than you think!

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