There are countless ways to market a brand and each way has a crucial role to play in the larger scheme of things. Each marketing medium has its own unique qualities, that invariably lead to the singular outcome of gains. While offline branding, social media posts, and long-form websites play a crucial role in building a brand, one cannot forgo the impact video content has on the customer’s psyche.

Also, with the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and laptops, online video consumption is outshining television in India with 65% of it being consumed via mobile. So, here’s are 5 reasons why you need to make videos a part of your marketing plan-:

Videos let you say a whole lot more

When you need to give a lot of information to a potential or existing client; what is the medium that you turn to? An email or a blog, most likely. While both these mediums have their own plusses, there is only a certain amount of words you can use to explain without losing the reader’s interest.

That’s where videos come as a boon; they let you put across all the info (and some more) that you want, without it being a bore. If an emailer would be a 3-minute read, the same info can be conveyed via video in 1 minute, without losing the viewer’s interest.

Videos are a great way to grab attention

Another great thing about videos is that invariably, they capture your attention. They are a great way to tell a story and can do a lot more than static posts, with their moving elements and sound. As such it comes as no shock that videos work the best as compared to other mediums.

Videos help increase conversions

A well-scripted video with an insight-driven approach, the right visuals, and preferably an engaging voice-over is the perfect recipe to engage the audience. They help with converting prospective customers into actual customers a lot better than other mediums do.
Research shows that 95% of people remember a message shown in a video and 45% of these then actually end up purchasing the product.

Videos help reach more people

According to a Wordstream data statistic, a video generates 12 times more shares than static content. This means that if you can get 1 person to watch and like your video they are more likely to share it with others, and those others with even more people. This basically means that a single video you make has a chance of reaching more people than multiple static messages probably can.
In totality, we believe video marketing is definitely a great thing to include in one’s marketing mix, to garner higher reach and conversion. So, go ahead, give it a try!

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