Did you miss posting on Independence Day altogether or did it occur to you at the last moment and you managed to do the posting on your own? Did you wish to have someone who could have done it for you in a better way or could have informed you beforehand so that you did not have to bother about it a night before.

The Last Minute Panic

A day before Independence Day, we received frantic last-minute calls from clients to come up with independence days posts for their brands. We didn’t disown all of them but those who couldn’t get the professional help did it on their own – needless to say, the job wasn’t great. You must be wondering – “How does it even matter?”

1. Brand Perception

Today, it’s the digital identity and presence that matters the most. How you present your brand on social media decides how your brand will be perceived. And unless it’s impressive; you’ll never be able to win your customers’ trust. Therefore, you got be careful of what and how you post on social media platforms. One bad post can do a lot of damage.

2. Low Attention Span

As per the latest statistics, there are over 487 million mobile internet users in India. That’s a whopping number. What’s more? A majority of them are millennials (be it B2B or B2C). The very ones you try to influence. Naturally, the attention span of people is way too less. Hence unless you have a post that stands out, it will never get the attention it needs.

Enter the social media champ – Social Cue

There are plenty of those special days in a year where you can’t miss posting on social media irrespective of what kind of a business you are in, whether its B2B or B2C. Find managing it a bit tricky? Leave it to us. You can get the posts for an entire year done in just one go. Welcome to Social Cue.

To put it simply, Social Cue is an innovative tool that helps businesses automate their outreach on important days in a year.

How does it work?

1. Choose: Start with selecting the social cue pack that suits your business needs.

2. Select: We keep a social media calendar that has all the importance days in a year that are observed nationally and internationally. All you need to do is to select days which are relevant for you.

3. Create: We create befitting content and designs for you that in sync with your business/ industry and send it for your approval. (For instance, this Independence day we created a post for a laundry company and a financial services company that had Independence day wishes which were relevant for their business. See the images below).

4. Schedule: Post your approval, we schedule those posts on your social media handles so that you can sit back and relax for the entire year!

From writing engaging copy to catchy designs to scheduling the post, its all the duty of Social Cue. Remember, everyone on social media is vying to make some space and attention for their brand; you just can’t afford to stay indifferent.

Want to give your brand the mileage it deserves? Log on to www.socialcue.in Be assured that rest will be taken care of, as you’ll be in good hands with us!

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