The Social Scenario

There is a reason why the future of the human race is depicted as running on sleek machines and super-smart gizmos that assist us in every walk of life. Mind-blowing developments in machinery and devices have helped to connect people from all over the globe, bringing about a sea of change in the way we used to communicate. The world, as we know it, is now becoming increasingly ‘social’, with people keeping in touch more regularly, greeting each other for more and more events, and as such, staying more ‘present’ in each other’s lives.
Facebook is the largest platform that brings people together, from across the world.
Businesses too need to use this platform to bond with a greater audience. Through trendy marketing campaigns, regular posts and thoughtful greetings, a brand can use Facebook to its optimum advantage.
And therein, lies the obstacle (catchwords between the fine lines):-
Your ability to grab the attention of greater audiences on Facebook depends on your grasp over super-smart, state-of-the-art, mind-blowing, connective, communicative, social, better bonding, trendy, regular and thoughtful posts!
Whew! Now if that sounded really long, just imagine what it would be trying to create posts that match all these requirements, time and again, for innumerable events and special occasions, all to ensure that you stay cued-in with your clients?

 What is Social Cue

“Social Cue helps you automate your presence on Facebook with regular posts being sent out oncamera special occasions, as if on cue.”

Why Social Cue

The features that make this tool indispensable for your business are as follows:

  • Schedule the posts by selecting special dates in advance
  • Streamline your outreach to clients by having appropriate, one-of-a-kind and impactful graphics and content, prepared in advance. These creatives are then posted on Facebook on the exact dates, without missing out on a single event
  • Shine by offering the clients regular creative posts and greetings that are trendy and attention-grabbing, thus giving your brand-image a contemporary edge


Need for Social Cue

Every business could do with a tool like Social Cue because almost all of them face the same issues while keeping their Facebook presence active, and the solutions are always the same too:
Easy Steps on Social Cue
Get the Social Cue advantage in 3 easy steps:
Select special dates/occasions of your choice for the year that are relevant for your business
Approve of the befitting creatives made for these occasions, in advance
Read the posts on your timeline when they are sent out on the chosen date, without fail.
Not only does Social Cue help you to smoothen your Facebook presence by automating it, but it also helps you improve your brand image. Because everyone appreciates that extra efforts taken by someone to remember them on special dates, and that too, with specially created posts.

SIGN UP FOR SOCIAL CUE: https://codesignlabs.com/socialcue

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