A great design is a balance between creativity and user experience. But do you see a lack of this balance in most of the designs created by your design team? Ever asked yourself, why your designers are unable to produce simple yet beautiful designs? Why are you always unsatisfied with what they have created?

While the designer (most of the times) has a complete understanding of what he has to do but it is the “how to deliver” aspect that confuses them. Let’s see what confuses them!

You need the designer by your side

Has it ever happened that you’ve sat by your designer and instructed him/ her step by step to do a design (with a lot of hit and trials)? Yes, it happens most of the time. Well by doing this, we enter into the designer’s shoes and hamper the designer’s creative abilities. The result is you get a sloppy work.

Remember, there is a reason why you have a design team and they are the ones who are supposed to work on getting the creativity right. So, next time you want a good design from the team, just brief them with the idea and the result is the “design that you were expecting”.

Not having the copy ready

The copy is an essential element of the design, as it occupies a specific space. You should always make sure your content is ready and finalized before you send it to the design team.

How? For instance, you have sent a four-word copy of the design. After the design is ready, you now have a 10-word copy to be added to the design. This means a whole lot of change in the design, which in turn affects the actual design and the productivity of the designer.

Comparing your designs

Often we tend to compare the designs sent by our team with the designs made by the other companies. That would be unfair! The designs are a result of the idea combined with vision and thought. If your idea, vision, and thoughts were similar, probably you would also be seeing the same type of design.

If you think, the idea and vision that your business stands for are entirely different from what the other business stands for; then you need to step back and enjoy what has been created for you.

Asking for something better

This is a grave mistake that we make most often- getting our designers to create various versions of the same design. Imagine going to the tailor, and asking them to stitch the same dress in six different styles? Would he/she be able to do that? That’s how it works with the designers too.

Detail out the creative brief, have a detailed conversation with the target audience, aesthetics and design balance with them. If you’ve got what you desired; then never ever ask “if there can be something better” because you are already seeing the best.

Moving forward

The next time you need a design, spend a few minutes working on the brief. This will help you understand what you need, thus easing out the communication with the designer. Make sure you give the designer a free hand to work on the design of their own.

P.S. – And if you think you don’t have time to prepare all these briefs; do try working with our awesome account managers who get the awesomeness rolling out every time we design something for you! For the project enquiries write to us at https://codesignlabs.com/project-enquiry

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