An average person spends more than 2 hours on social media every day and this is the reason why brands are spending so much on advertising on social media platforms. With huge ad spends, the only way brands will be able to capture user is by designing a “kickass creative” which grabs user attention. Be it a new product launch, update regarding your brand or festival discounts you want to offer, businesses always end up getting confused while planning social media campaigns. This happens because somehow brands and agencies don’t take the right approach in order to design an attention-grabbing, aesthetically brilliant and well drafted creative. One should always remember that the success of a social media campaign lies in how crisp and clear the creatives are. This will not only help your brand to stand out but also create a better brand awareness.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the important things which you as a business should consider while designing the creatives for our next social media campaign.

1. Have a clear and crisp message for your audience

The first and foremost thing which should be considered while designing a creative is “what is that you are trying to communicate to your audience”. Brands either try to sell something OR they try to communicate some information to their audience. If we have this basic clarification about what has to be conveyed, this will act as the foundation of the creative.

2. Have a great copy to convey your message

A great copy is a next thing to work upon after knowing the intent of the overall campaign. While creating a copy it should be kept in mind that it should communicate the right message and should not get away from the end intent of the campaign.

Some basic points to remember while writing copy for social media creative are:

  • Don’t make it too lengthy. Have max 8 to 10 words.
  • Don’t include everything in your copy
  • Copy should contain only important information about the campaign
  • Write a caption that elaborates what you want to convey. Great copy and caption goes hand in hand and should support each other.

3. Design the creative using brand guidelines

Before you jump on designing, make sure that you refer to brand guideline document to understand the nuances to take care of while designing the creative. Brand guidelines comprise of fonts used, colour pallets, approved dimensions and other related things. This will make sure that the final creative is in sync with the overall brand image.

The only time you can break the pattern is when you designing a new theme or a different theme for a specific social media campaign, but in that case, also make sure that you follow basic designing rules as mentioned by the brand for designing your creative.

4. Final analysis before publishing

The final step before your campaign goes live is to do an in-depth analysis of the creatives that you have made. This analysis should primarily check:

  • Whether the creative is aesthetically correct or not
  • Whether fonts and other assets are as per the theme of campaigns need or not
  • Whether the content and message conveys correct meaning or not


A great creative will not only help in strengthening your brand’s online presence but will also help you grab the attention of your potential customers. This will help you to generate more leads which will eventually drive in more sales. We hope that you will use these basic guidelines on “how to design a great creative” while designing your next social media campaign.

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