Are you on FB?’ ‘Instagram?’ A question tossed between individuals who are introduced to each other by mutual friends or brought together accidentally. Often, it’s through social media profiles people find out more about their ‘newly found friends’. This is quite true of brands as well.

A sneak peak that matters to you

The moment a prospective customer hears about your product or service, the first thing he or she instinctively does is to check it on social media i.e. Facebook or Instagram. Here is where he/she gets to form an opinion about your brand. If your brand has a good social media standing, it stands out. If it doesn’t, your chances of losing a customer/partner/well-wisher are higher.

In 2014 if Facebook influenced 36% of consumers’ online and offline purchases, in 2015 it shot up to 52%. Going by the massive growth, the current rate at which Facebook influences purchases are anybody’s guess.
As per social media management giant HootSuite, top brands on Instagram are registering a per follower engagement rate of 4.21%, that is 58% higher than that on Facebook.

Naturally, the most important question worth asking yourself is ‘how to leverage?’

In an age of ‘too many’, a mere presence on social media won’t work wonders for your brand. Then what does? A striking presence, an impressive look and feel, and periodical updates. Sounds like a huge task you are not cut out for? Let Social Cue take it up!

Social Cue

At Social Cue, we are committed to provide timely social media brand solutions for organisations /brands. In other words, we help them automate their outreach on important days. Let’s try to understand it with a simple example.

Let’s take a look at September

The month of September is already here. And for brands that are strong on social media, the time is just right to go all out on Facebook and Instagram.

Four major days are observed nationally and internationally in September. For brands, irrespective of their ‘line of work’, these days offer tremendous opportunities to create a buzz on social media.

Come September 5 and we celebrate Teacher’s Day.
8th of September marks another day of prominence – World Literacy Day.
September 15th and 21st mark World Engineers Day and International Day of Peace.

Ready to make it big on social media? Social Cue offers A to Z solutions so that you don’t have to run from pillar to post getting social media posts done, often not very impressively!

The way we work

We understand that each brand varies in their requirements.

So the first step for you is to choose from the packs we have for you. Currently, there are three packs.

Task number two is to select. There will be a lot of days in a calendar year that are marked as special. You may not need to come up with social media posts on all the days. So just pick the ones that ‘make sense’ for your brand.

The remaining two tasks are ours. Once your part is done, we create posts that are relevant to your brand and schedule them too.

We make sure that the posts that go out of Social Cue will help your customers see your brand in good light. We make it possible with engaging, relevant and witty copy and stunning visuals.

Want to make your brand the social media superstar? Log on to www.socialcue.in

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