Digital and Social Media is an ever-growing space and there is no denying the fact that now we live in a virtual world. This fact holds true for businesses also. “Online” is where customers are. There are multiple ways to reach out to the potential target audience but paid promotions and ad campaigns have their own limitations. On top of it, this space has become too noisy with every brand trying to establish their presence and grab user attention, and this is where “Digital Brand Building” come in handy.

Ads and paid promotions are a good way to quickly reach to a targeted set of people but brand engagement and brand loyalty will only happen when your customer sees the value in your brand. Digital brand building will give you an edge over your competitors and will help you establish a robust digital brand presence. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Digital Brand Building.

1. Content is a “Long Term Asset”

Unlike ad campaigns which are momentary and whose impact fades away as soon as they are over (until and unless your campaign has gone crazy viral), when you publish something on the internet, whether in form of text, image, audio or video, it stays there forever. Being there forever, that “piece of content” will not only help your potential customer by giving them value but will also help you to build your content library, eventually helping to boost your online reputation and SEO Score.

2. Consistency shows “Trust and Seriousness”

People want to work with serious businesses and what better way to show your clients that you mean business and are serious about them. Publishing content regularly online or on social media platforms, in form of photographs and images, video blog or vlogs, social media campaigns, infographics, whitepapers, free e-books, case studies or podcasts shows consistency and is a sign of trust. This brings “stickiness” in the system and gives your potential customer a reason to return to your website or blog or any other platform you publish your content on.

3. Build a connection with your “Customer” and not data

Ad campaigns can be analysed using a lot of digital matrices in terms of ROI, impressions, conversions etc, but this is all digital data. What brands need is to know is how their customers feel about their product or service and what better way than publishing content online. When they like something they comment on it and share the same on their social network, and if they don’t like, well, they leave an honest feedback. There is no better way to know how your customer feels about your brand. There are ways of doing sentiment analysis but the joy of seeing your content being liked by the audience is unparalleled. A real connection happens when your customer feels emotional about your brand.

4. Always deliver “Value First”

Ad campaigns are targeted towards your potential audience with the objective of selling a product or service. You can defer by saying that objective is to build awareness or to generate a lead, but let’s be real, the underlying mindset behind an ad campaign is always “sales”. The ads never provide real value to the customer. The mantra to success in business today is to provide real value to your potential customer. If you push them for sales, they will never come back, but if you have given them enough value they will never leave you. By publishing content online the objective is to create enough value for your potential customers so that they can trust that you can “deliver”.


If we look holistically, ads and paid promotions are a good way to quickly reach out a targeted set of people but repeatability, trust and long-term relation and eventually sales will only happen when your customer sees the value in your brand and publishing content online and leveraging multiple social media and online channel is the best way to win in the ever-growing digital economy. In today’s world, people are not looking for fancy features or the cheapest products, people are looking for something that can deliver them right value and “get the job done”.

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