Getting started with BAC - Brand Asset Centre

Frequently asked questions

What is BAC (Brand Asset Centre)?

BAC or also know as a brand asset center is a repository for all your brand assets.  BAC was built to offer convenience and ease. It enables teams to share and access brand assets with just one simple link (that’s even easy to remember). Yes, with one just one link you can access and share your logo files, color palettes, fonts, stationery anywhere anytime. 

Say goodbye to endless searches and sharing of brand assets.

How to get started?

Its a simple 3 step process. Let’s begin.

First go to bac.codesignlabs.com/admin/register and fill the sign up form and click on register.

On registration, you will be take to the dashboard like below

BAC Dashboard

On login, firstly complete your profile by clicking on the profile icon on the top right corner. Completing the profile is mandatory to generate the brand kit sharing link.

Once the profile is complete, click on save to go back to the dashboard. Then start adding your brand assets. To upload files either drop your files in the upload box or click on the upload box to add it from your device. 

Make sure your upload the right files under the right tab to avoid any confusion later. 

BAC Dashboard

Complete your profile

It’s important to complete your profile before you start adding your assets because the
brand-kit sharing link gets generated only on profile completion.

Note: While you’re complete the profile, choose a shorter version of your brand name while filling in the Brand Name field as its becomes a part of your brand-kit sharing url.  

How to share the brand assets?

After completing your profile, start adding the brand assets. Once the brand assets have been added, click on Share Brand Kit to get the sharing link. Copy the link as shown below or share it via email or Whatsapp by clicking on the respective icons as you deem fit

With just this one link, you can access or share your assets whenever you want. 

What is the relevance of disk storage?

This is beta version of BAC which is FREE and it gives you storage space of 250mb. If you assets size exceeds 250mb, the platform will not allow you to upload the assets. 

Hope this was useful. If you still have any questions, please write to us at [email protected]