Boost Your Freelance Business


    We know you have questions and here are the frequently asked questions by your peers

    How will I get the projects?

    Once you complete the on-boarding process and sign the contract with us, you will be added to our internal communication platform. Our project managers will reach out to you whenever there is a new project that matches your area of expertise.

    Do you have any signup fee?

    There is no signup fee at all. We do not charge anything from the freelancer  at any stage of the association.

    When and how will I get the payments?

    The payments are disbursed in every 15 days for the work that you have completed in last 15 days and was approved by the client. The payments are directly credited to your bank account.

    What is the frequency of the projects?

    You will have recurring quality projects coming to you if you have a high customer satisfaction rate on our platform which includes your work delivered, turnaround time, response time and your co-operation to help the project manager deliver a project with utmost satisfaction.

    What if there is a fallout with the client?

    There has been 95% success rate and there’s hardly been a fallout. Even in case of a fallout you will be paid if you have completed the work in time as per the expectation. In case the work has not been completed before the fallout; you will be paid on pro-rata basis.
    The payments in case of a fallout is not a mandate wherein the fallout was due to not meeting the deadlines or not meeting the client expectation.

    Why should I freelance with you?

    We offer you three advantages:-

    • You will have recurring quality projects coming to you without any active business development based on your customer satisfaction rate on our platform
    • We coordinate with the clients for all the things from gathering requirements to delivery to payments and let you just focus on your work.
    • We don’t mind you where you work from or what time you work at and give you the liberty to do what you love and make money out of it. (PS. You just need to meet your deadlines)