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Last year, i.e. in March 2020, after a series of tests and formalities, I was on boarded as a freelance writer by CoDesign. I received my first project in April and since then, it has been a delightful ride. Your processes, project briefs, payment terms are absolutely, fair, transparent, and clear, making it a blessing for freelancers. I would really like to share the most admirable things I came across about your entire team and your overall work culture:

One, offering fair rates and clear communication about project needs are two things that validate how much they value their freelancers. Codesign pays as per project and the task complexity and not by “rate per word” system which is so rare in the existing content writing ecosystem.

Two, highly professional and ethical conduct when it comes to payments. You are always on time! Another rarity, especially in the freelance space.

Three, I have had the chance to be in touch with both the Founders, Neha Katta and Dilnawaz Khan, more with Neha as she takes care of the creative part. She is absolutely brilliant in her work and what is commendable about her is her ability to empathize. She is flexible to give room and creative freedom and steps in to guide and mentor whenever needed. While Neha is a powerhouse of energy and innovative ideas, Dilnawaz’s energy is just another level. He is supercharged with ideas and has so much clarity of what he needs. In fact, Codesign’s entire team has that positive vibe making the culture a really pleasant one.

While I can go on praising you guys, I would just like to conclude by saying that you are one of the most inspiring and progressive agencies I have ever come across and the way you do things, you guys are killing it out there and you are bound to reach the top! Thank you and I hope to continue doing some really good work with you guys and add value.


Freelance Copywriter

Have been working with Codesign Labs for around 4 years now, and it has been a wonderful and enriching experience.ย  Not only are they a great support system for freelancers in terms of professionalism, flow of projects, varied clients and on-time payments but are also an excellent platform to learn with. My choice to be a freelance Content Writer was based on prior commitments and Codesign has always understood these commitments and given me the best atmosphere to work with. Truly grateful for the opportunities and support I have received here.


FREElance copywriter

I’ve been working with Codesign Labs as a Copywriter for about 1.5 Years now and what an experience this has been! Every project I’ve worked onย  has been exciting and challenging at the same time, helping me grow with the company. Their prompt reply and scheduled payment system makes the process super seamless and easy. They reward you when you do a good job and guide you when you face hurdles along the way! They are responsive and encouraging.
Too good to be true? Well they are! And I can’t deny that.


FREElance copywriter

One great concept and two great people got us “Codesign Labs”. The agency says it and delivers it all. Getting to work for them and grow with them as a freelance designer gave me a sensibility to approach every design in a different manner. Exclusivity is what they prefer and that’s what makes them the best in the market.



I have worked with them on multiple projects and it’s been a great journey working with them. There is alot alot of professionalism in terms of briefs, payment, and communication is great. Everything is very organized. I hope to work with them on a long term.



It’s been super working with these guys as a freelancer! Very interesting clients and projects…Very professional team and yet warm ๐Ÿ˜€ They understand the content creator and the business guys well… A perfect balance!


Freelance copywriter

Codesign labs and it’s founders are well known in the freelancers and startup community. I have worked with them on multiple projects. They make sure freelancers have everything they need to execute a project. Payment is always on time, communication is great and documentations are in place. There’s no interaction with the client and no worry about payments, so you can focus on what you’re good at ๐Ÿ™‚


FREElance Developer

Working for Codesign Labs is a great learning experience. Not only do they give you enough opportunities to explore, but you also get to learn how transparency in communication can lead to smooth functioning of an organization. Their project managers make sure everything is done on time and with the effecinecy needed for the project. Glad to have been a part of their projects.


FREElance copywriter

I wanted to just take some time out to thank you for the collab we have maintained for more than 3 years now. You’re like one of my most trusted clients and working with Codesign Labs has been a pleasing experience always. Thanks for the support whenever I asked for it. And I can assure you mine whenever you need it too. Just a heartfelt thank you again. ๐Ÿ™‚


Freelancer Designer

Good Company to work with. Perfectly managed in terms of projects, payments also cool people to work with.



Great place to work, Scheduled payment (On-Time). Clear brief – good project management. People-People. All the best to Neha – Co-founder (A loving Person)


Freelance Designer

Great people to work with. Have great services of both print and social Media.


Freelance Designer

They are amazing people with great Project Management and coordinating skills. Highly impressed with their professionalism. The effort they put into to drive a project to completion is highly commendable. I have been associated with them for more than a year now. Their requirements are detailed and clear. Their project coordination is smooth and payouts are timely. I would definitely recommend them if you have any such requirements.


Freelancer Designer

I have worked with them on multiple projects and it’s been a great journey working with them. There is alot alot of professionalism in terms of briefs, payment, and communication is great. Everything is very organized. I hope to work with them on a long term.


Freelance Designer

Working with Codesign Labs has been an inspiring experience. I got a chance to explore opportunities that unleashed my potential as a writer. I moved outside my comfort zone. The passion the team held helped me grow remarkably. I feel fortunate to be part this amazing team.


Freelancer Copywriter

Codesign Lab is an online advertising agency which gives chance to artists across the country to showcase their talent through various projects with proper timelines and systematic payment. Itโ€™s been a pleasure working with Codesign Labs so far.


Freelance Designer

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