Has it ever happened to you that you had this amazing idea for your business (at night, while traveling) but couldn’t access the information you needed immediately? Have you found it annoying that you need to depend on your employee to procure information that you require instantly! Haven’t you wished so many times, if you could have all your data in one place and a magical system that can collate it for you to give you just what you need, whenever you need and wherever you need?

Well, it is not so difficult now, thankfully. The market is flooded with advanced technologies (software, programs) that help improve efficiency at work, develop flexibility and help in business management. We’ve already spoken, in our previous blog, about the best kind of tools that all companies should use to improve and advance their working style. Now we can’t help but wonder what is stopping you from using these tools for more efficiency and ease? Here’s why we think a lot of people are not able to do so.


The reluctance to move out of the comfort of already set working system irrespective of how tedious and incompetent it is. (The sooner you move out of your comfort zone, the better it is for your business)


Even if somebody (like this article) has convinced you to try one of the work management software, one does not try it religiously. What we forget is that all new things need time, patience and some persistence


No single tech software can take care of all kinds of requirements of a business setup. Their efficiency lies in being focused in one key area. They, like humans, work best in combinations; just like, not every employee can do all the work. And we need a consolidated team that supports each other’s skills!


Free stuff is always preferred, anywhere! However, we also know that quality comes at a price! You want value; you pay for it as well. It would be a good idea to test the software free and see its suitability with your working processes. If it is doing wonders for your workforce, no harm in spending a little buck (which might actually turn out to be a saving when you do the financial analysis)


This is one of the major reason, we feel, is people’s apprehension towards technology. Indeed, it is a fair one too. Nowadays, most good software are being developed keeping in mind the security challenges and most of the data they capture is encrypted too. Moreover, you don’t have to bother as long as you’re using software for better team collaboration and communication.

Indian IT industry has reported to have grown US$167Bn in 2017-18 according to IBEF.

This is huge and very impressive and hence, a very convincing reason for companies to integrate technological advancement in the workings of their companies to keep pace with their ever-growing peers.

Next time you’re discarding a software; just take a moment to think if any of the above is the reason to do so!

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