Are you a new-age company that wants to break-through in the realm of the internet? Don’t you wish you could take great advantage of the limitless possibilities of the online world? You could collaborate with multiple professionals that work remotely and still have a fabulous work-structure. Well, it is very well possible to build a great brand for yourself by having a consistent and seamless workflow with the usage of some of the most interesting and extremely helpful online tools.

These tools not only make it easy to manage a large team of people and collaborate with different groups, it also highly reduces manual paperwork involved in running the business. This of course comes at an additional expense to the employer. However, all the benefits that are derived out of these tools just make them worth the small expenditure every month.

Let’s take a look at few of these really awesome tools for a wonderful online work experience.

1. Flock

Don’t you think communication is key in running a business or working on projects? Flock is one such amazing online tool that enables communication among varied teams. Flock is a premium online messaging and collaboration tool where you can create teams within your company, exchange messages with individuals members of your organization or chat in groups, you can share files and set reminders and deadlines for resources assigned one particular project.

2. Asana

A really flexible online tool, you can use Asana predominantly for managing you projects and task among your team members. You can know the status of the projects, add deadlines and schedules, share files, assign projects to particular members and communicate about the project directly on the software. Asana can come in handy for you as it works both on desktop and mobile platforms, making the ‘remote working’ experience, truly wonderful.

3. Mailerlite

Have you ever wondered how a lot of companies send out E-mailers and newsletters? Are you concerned that if you had to do it, you would need special HTML skills or would have to pay an extra charge for every email that you would want to send out? Well, Mailerlite is your one-stop solution. Mailerlite is an intuitive email tool that lets you create your own E-mailers and newsletter using an interactive dashboard. You can use the number of features that it incorporates to draft your perfect mail and send it out to all your subscribers. What’s more, it also allows you to schedule your emails so that you don’t have to miss out on any deadlines.

4. Google Drive

Here’s an online tool that needs no introduction. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform by Google that lets you store and access your files from practically anywhere in the world using any device. When signing up, Drive gives a 15GB free storage and you can always upgrade to higher storage by paying a small monthly fee. The most exciting feature of Drive is how you can very properly organize all your files into folders. If you want to search for any particular type of file, well, you just need to select that file type and it will display all files that fit the file type.

5. Zoho One

And finally the one where you can automate a number of processes across the entire organisation so make your life much easier.

a. Zoho Books
So many old school businesses use actual books and papers to manage their accounts. Each bill is manually written, each quote is made by hand and all the cash that flows is noted down by hand. This is a lot of manual work that requires time and effort. In order to reduce this effort and overcome errors that generate out of manual work, Zoho has created an excellent accounting software called Zoho Books. You can manage your finances, keep a track of the cash flow, directly generate and send invoices and quotes to your clients. You can also link your bank account to Zoho Books and manage all expenses through the software. There are detailed reports generated that helps you know how your money is being spent and what is due and when.

b. Zoho Projects
Much like Asana, you can use Zoho Projects to manage projects by assigning tasks to the entire team or an individual, track progress of the project, share commonly accessible files, schedule timelines and deadlines and log reports and changes made to the project.

In conclusion, running a company with people working remotely/online requires the usage of a host of online tools for the best and seamless output, resulting in happy clients, happy employees and overall a happy business.

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