Today everyone is consuming content online in some form or another. Realizing this, brands are continuously making efforts to establish a thriving digital presence to reach their consumers and be a part of their everyday. While social media platforms are a great way to connect with your audience, blogs hosted by a brand are another great way to increase visibility and build brand loyalty. Here’s taking a look at why all brands should blog regularly!

Blogs Help Establish Authority

Writing blogs regularly on topics related to your brand show your expertise in the field you’re a part of. It helps build the consumers trust in your brand and eventually makes them favor you amongst competitors because they have been reading and knowing about your brand constantly. Relevant topics, well-researched and factual content in your blogs really help your brand establish authority over others especially your competitors thereby enabling you to be a thought leader in your industry.

Blogs Help Build Customer Connections

A blog is a non-intrusive medium of communication, as in a customer can consume it at their own time in the comfort of their home or when they have time to spare. As such, they pay closer attention to what you have to say, as opposed to the few seconds of attention span, they generally give to content on Facebook/ Instagram feeds. Apart from this, the blog acts as a medium through which you can share your success stories, team stories, customer stories and so on. This helps to strengthen the connection as they get to know what’s happening with the company they are associated with regularly.

You might not know but your readers do take pride in reading and narrating your success stories.

Blogs Help Create Sharing Opportunities

If the content you put out on the blog is interesting enough or helps solve a query or gives a piece of advice or educates, it instantly becomes worthy of a share. A reader who finds your content helpful and knows someone else who might benefit from it will not hesitate to share it with them. A blog as a medium works beautifully for information sharing as there is a whole lot more than you can communicate via a blog than you can via a post. However, keep in mind, that social media works as a great way to drive traffic to your blog. The two mediums always work in tandem.

Blogs Help Build More Customers

Posting regular content on your blogs not only helps build brand loyalty amongst existing customers, but it also helps entice potential customers to try out your brand. Interesting and relevant content consumed by a non-customer over a period of time helps build a certain enough trust in your brand that makes them confident enough to spend their money on you.

Blogs Help Ace SEO

SEO is a must today to be able to appear in the top searches and in increasingly a concern for every brand. What people don’t know is that every new blog creates an additional index page for your brand which helps it strum up the search engine when relevant keywords are put in. In the absence of this, the blog would only be seen by those who are already aware of your name and put in that exact detail in the search bar. Updating blog articles regularly helps your blog stay alive and show up, front and center, in searches related to your field.

Well, no matter whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand; blogging helps you the similar way. It’s just a matter of perception of how you see the benefits. We hope you now got the gist as to why blogging regularly is a great way to make your business a bigger success and help you stand out amongst the clutter!

PS. : If you get convinced on why you should start blogging; drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll help you automate your blogging.

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