If you are someone with an upcoming business or have just launched, then we are sure you know how great, pop-up stalls are for marketing your product. But, knowing that fact is incomplete without actually understanding the 3 key things that go into setting up a great booth. So without further ado, here’s what you must do –

Tell A Story

Let your pop-up store stand for who you and your business are. Let it tell a story of how your product came into being, where it is now and what the future holds.

Get Quirky

In a sea of pop-stores you want yours to stand out; make your pop-store as quirky and intriguing as you possibly can. Have a theme and communication that catches the attention of customers.
For example, we helped one of our clients set up a pop-up with a Try And Buy theme, and made sure all the collaterals created stayed true to the theme. Then end result?
It was well received by the customers and generated business successfully. (see the gallery below)

Make It Experiential

Take time to think about what you want your customers a takeaway to be. Apart from generating business you want them to remember your brand as something that interested and excited them.
If possible, give them a demo or trial of your product to create a favorable memory.

Following these 3 steps when setting up your pop-up stall will ensure that you reap the optimum out of your store and leave your newly found customers wanting more!

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