Client – Agency clashes are common but certainly avoidable. They are nothing but the result of glitches that are left unresolved before starting a project or during the project. Most of this happens because of half-cooked homework, lack of clarity and lack of communication.

We talk with a lot of clients every day and there are a few guidelines that we created as a part of our project management layer. We believe that if these principles/guidelines are followed then the entire process becomes smooth, helps in starting the project in lesser time and adds efficiency in the outcome with seamless delivery of the project. Following are the three key factors that clients need to take into account before reaching out to an agency:

1. Clarity on Requirements

Time devoted to preproduction period can clear the clutter that comes in the way of a project. Knowing the requirement involves precision on what’s to be done and what’s not to be done. At times, inspiration is derived from a competitor’s product but we also need to understand that the competitor has put years of work to make this product. One cannot replicate it in one go.

To simplify the process, the requirements should be narrowed down to “What You Need” instead of “What You Want”.

2. Clarity on References (for Product Features / Product Design / UI / UX etc)

Whether it’s a product feature you are looking for or some sort of design style, an appropriate reference always helps and can save a lot of time. The references can also come in terms of feature working style, colour pallet/colour combination, UI design or any other thing you are looking for in your product. Sometimes, the reference may or may not come from a competing product or a product of similar domain but it always helps give a visual idea of what you are looking for.

Absence of right references may lead to major miscommunication and a situation of deadlock, so do thorough research and be ready with references for the things you need.

3. Clarity of Budget and Timelines

Planning a budget and timeline is always a great practice, but sometimes when it comes to services like tech, design, product development, prospective clients go out without doing proper homework and planning and then eventually get confused with the all the information they get from the market.

We understand that no one wants to pay more and any typical client who would want to avail a service would want to squeeze in the timeline and get the delivery at the cheapest cost possible, but people need to understand that quality comes at a price.

We are not asking you to spend an exorbitant amount on anything, but knowing your spending limit (both on the upper and lower side) and having a broad idea of timelines will help you to make a decision faster.

This practice is exactly similar when you go out there to buy a laptop or a car or anything else for your home. You do your homework, your research for what you are looking for and then plan your budget accordingly. We believe and feel that if client take into account these 3 factors before doing out in the market to look for an agency, the overall time before starting a project would be reduced by 70% to 80% and the project delivery will be done well in time and will be accurately done based on what you are looking for.

If you are still confused and don’t know where to begin from, feel free reach out to us. As mentioned earlier, we talk to many clients on a daily basis and for new clients, we help them understand what they need to be the project. Drop your requirement here, and we will be in touch soon.

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