Not so long ago, marketing was an unlevelled playfield, where your spend and creativity was directly proportional to the awareness you would get. For instance, big businesses could afford to spend money on radio and TV spots, thus getting the necessary attention easily. However, small businesses with no or minimal money relied heavily on fliers or another medium that was inexpensive.

The Internet changed it all! The new entrant that took over the world in a short span of time levelled the field for all players. More than money, it is the method and perfect timing that helps the businesses reach out to more customers and build awareness, in this digitally ruled world.

The Internet has changed the game for consumers

The Internet has not only changed the game for businesses but also for the customers. Like that ticket you book without waiting in a line; that’s a convenience that Internet has served. This convenience for both has made it mandatory for businesses to have a digital presence and entertain their customers online as well. Here are the three things that every business should do in 2018 -:

Have a digital footprint

Having a website is similar to having a store or an office in different states of the country. Today, you don’t need a website just to sell products/ services; you need it for validation from your customers so that you can earn their trust. Whether it’s your customer or vendors you work with; everyone likes to look for you digitally first and would like to meet you later.

So, whether you are a B2B/ B2C business; make sure you have a website so that you have your digital presence.

Work on building the brand presence

How do you know Nike or iPhone? Word of mouth and a strong brand presence. That’s what you need to create for your brand. To start with, make sure your brand has an identity – a logo followed by consistent use of this identity at all places wherever your business goes.

Moving further, you create brand advocates by offering people the experience not discounts. A good brand presence is a result of constant communication with your customer whether online or offline. With the internet, creating this strong presence has become easy.

Keep them engaged

Engaging an audience that keeps changing its preferences with the day can be difficult. Your audience loves crème Brulee today and a Nutella pancake tomorrow. That’s because they are spoilt for choices, and everything is available easily to them.

A social media page with some posts will not help you engage; you need to work on an engagement strategy that is customised to your audience. For this, you will need to make your posts communicate the right message to your audience thus giving them a reason to buy from you.

A good digital presence is a result of sound engagement strategies, good understanding of the audience you are communicating with and rich content. Unless you dive into the water called branding, you might not be able to swim through to the customers.

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