One of the biggest lessons COVID-19 has taught us is that life is unpredictable. As recent as 3 months back, none of us expected to be in the middle of a global pandemic, let alone the changes in normal life that have come with it. Speaking of changes, have you paused to wonder how exactly is the pandemic going to affect businesses moving forward?

Business, as we know, will have to be a “brand” and “digital-first” in the post COVID era and will have to provide “value for money” to stand a chance to survive. Continue to read, to know exactly what we mean:

“Brands” will get an edge over others

Before the pandemic a lot many businesses did well for themselves in the sales and revenue, without proper branding so as to say. They worked well on referrals and sometimes on a “try & buy” basis too. But now customers would not be willing to try with companies unheard of because of numerous risk factors and will not deal with the ones which do not appear to be trustworthy. 

That’s precisely where branding comes into play. Having a strong brand identity, articulation for your offerings in an appealing manner, a strong presence both online and offline, uniform branding across the product range, offerings, and your communication will help build trust which will then translate into actual purchases. Truth be told, “the book will be judged by its cover”. 

“Digital” will become a prerequisite

Traditional advertising outlets such as outdoor media space, fairs, exhibitions, or physical marketing channels have taken a massive hit because of the pandemic. Given the current scenario or the one that will ensue in months to come, stepping out of the home will be on a need basis and physical contact will be limited. As a result of this change, we will see a change in behavior and purchase patterns. 

With people staying more in isolation, everyone is moving onto their handheld devices and laptops for news, entertainment, and communication. With so much time spent online, digital today has become the most important place to showcase your business. Going ahead, social media marketing will not only help you reach your target audience in their comfort zone, but will also be a great place to build trust and brand recall. It is here that you can “build up yourself as a brand, market yourself and reach out to customers in a cost-effective manner.”

“Pricing & value for money” will become a deal-breaker

Given the economic slump, the disposable-income of the consumer has greatly diminished and their need-based income is now handled with an iron fist too. The customer now would want to get the best quality at the most affordable price. Customer service and value delivery will become real things and only the brands that will be able to deliver a true customer delight will be able to survive. 

That is precisely why building trust via good branding practices and active digital presence will be crucial for your business to survive. If you manage to impress them online, the likelihood of them choosing you over other similar brands goes up!

So, there you have it – 3 solid reasons to position yourself as a brand and go online right away and build it up favorably for the post COVID phase.

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