Times have never been better for every kind of business to flourish. Not only have businesses changed their methods, but also, the clients have become more receptive to these changes. In today’s scenario, every company strives to become tech-savvy and use the vast marketing resources available to them. Facebook is one such tool that companies rely-upon extensively, with the aim of developing a unique bond with their customer base.

However, this aim is easier set, than achieved. Facebook is simple, with far-reaching results. But maintaining one’s presence on timelines is a task which is far more daunting than it seems. Almost all businesses face this problem owing to certain inevitable factors:

Boring posts or graphics do the opposite of attracting attention

There are two reasons why Boring posts are born:

  • You haven’t found the right team with the right creative juices required to churn out eye-catching posts.
  • The posts are created at very short notice, with you settling for whatever could be made at the last minute.

Irregular posts have the same results as “Out of sight, out of mind!”

There are two reasons why Irregular posts occur:

  • Your time is taken up by the other aspects of your business and you have to struggle to find enough time to showcase yourself on FB.
  • The occasion on which you would have liked to send greetings to your clients was yesterday.

Inconsistent posts can confuse clients on whether they ‘like’ you or they don’t!

There are two reasons why Inconsistent posts are common:

  • You started off your posts with a Bang! But the initial excitement of creating posts can fade away; unless it is your primary profession!
  • On some days the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ just keep pouring in, with your clients going gaga over your extraordinary posts. But on some days your posts just leave your clients looking for a ‘dislike’ button.

This list of the ‘terrible twos’ can go on, but what it basically means is that sending out greetings or posting FB feeds is quite an art, and could definitely be handled better by professionals.

If these professionals were even ready to remind you about these posts, well in advance, it would be like the cherry on top of the icing, wouldn’t it? That’s something that almost every ambitious business would dream of!

Knowing the ample benefits that would come from being well-prepared with posts meant for special occasions, much before the event occurs, this could be one dream worth praying for!


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