It’s 2019 and the cognizance around brands and things like brand image, brand loyalty, brand story has never been so extensive and all-encompassing! The brands today are privileged to have such an aware audience looking to connect with them, than just buy the products and services they have to offer.

It’s an exciting time when it comes to communicating with the customer through a variety of mediums and their fusion. And yet, brands are failing to make that connect. Something is amiss! What is it that you’re doing wrong?

Explaining it all

You’ve had an exciting journey as a brand, there has been so much thought that has gone into every aspect of your business, and it is only fair that your customers know about it!

But the question to ask is, are they listening? Do your customers have that kind of time to spend on your brand?

Truthfully, you have 7 seconds (avg. human attention span) to communicate with your customer at one go – email, post, message etc. So, choose your communication carefully and let a professional content creator weave it in the most precise and engaging way.

Missing the customer connect

n a recent campaign for a dear client, we created a concept much loved by them. However, when the creatives went for approval, the client gave feedback to put the discount and offering first followed by the brand USP.

Now, we do understand that sales are extremely important for any brand. However, throwing an offer in the face of the customer makes you no less than that shopkeeper in Palika Bazaar who is shouting ‘Jeans only 500, jeans only 500’ while blocking your way intentionally. You will be only met with annoyed glances.

On the other hand, the guy in a showroom will first make you comfortable by offering a cozy sofa, a drink and then will ask you the occasion you’re buying clothes for and only then will craftly pull out his collection in front of you.

In simple words, “You need to capture the attention of the customer by getting them to first see what they resonate with followed by how your brand offering would help them”.

Bottom line being, your communication must be ‘customer-centric’ instead of ‘brand-centric’ if you want to beat the overcrowding!

Undermining Designing

If there is anything one must learn from big successful brands is the power of a good design. Isn’t that the biggest strength of Apple?

Our brains are wired in a way to get attracted to what looks good. A brand needs to look good. Whether its packaging or website or social media or even a simple picture circulated on Whatsapp – it needs to catch the eye!

The mantra in 2019 is ‘Judge A Book By Its Cover’.

Now don’t become Andy Warhol yourselves but hire professionals to do a good job for you. Your brand is as good as it appears – dress it up well!

Customer was the king in yesteryears and still is! The key is to make him/her believe how well your brand fits in their lives by doing the above mentioned. If you’re doing any of the above; stop it right away so that you don’t lose one more customer.

If you’re looking for someone to help with creating content that connects or designs that engage; drop us a line at https://codesignlabs.com/project-enquiry

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