One of the most fascinating part of running a startup and trying to build the next million-dollar company is pitching to investors. Pitch Deck is the most important tool that you would be needing during your fund-raising process and the right pitch deck can help you gain the attention of investors. So much has already been talked about pitch decks but still, there are a few common mistakes that startup founders making while creating a pitch deck.

Here are 3 big mistakes to avoid while creating your pitch deck –

1.Putting Too Much Content on Slides

We know that you have done your research and you also want to showcase that you know all the aspects related to your startup, but this does not mean you put everything in your presentation. Sometimes founders overburden their pitch decks with too much of content, making the slides cluttered and difficult to read.

You should be keeping the text to minimal, use simple and clear bullet points, avoid jargons and avoid excel sheet images to ensure slides are simple and easy to understand.

2. Badly Designing the Pitch Deck

An angel investor or a VC firm receives thousands of pitch decks and if you really want them to spend time on your presentation, make their time worth it. If your pitch deck is badly designed or looks boring, there is a big chance that an investor might not even go through it completely. Bad resolution images, disoriented aspect ratio, random graphics & chart, non-alignment with the brand guidelines are some of the mistakes startup founders make while creating a pitch deck.

Not every founder is a designer and you might either waste a lot of their time doing it yourself or you may end up using a template which will have limited capability and output might be completely out of brand sync. If you really want to save your time and get noteworthy pitch decks and presentations designed you can check out online service like Power Deck

3. Lack of business and financial information

We know you love your product and you can talk about it for hours. This is the reason that while making a pitch deck most of the startup founders over-burden the presentation with too much of product, solution and feature information. They miss showcasing important information related to business opportunity and financial data in their pitch decks and the final outcome might look like a “product presentation” rather than an “investor pitch deck”

You need to understand that other than a great product or a service, investors are actually looking at a great business opportunity to invest in which will give them an exit or a great ROI. Bird’s eye view of business and financial information will help you to get the investment conversation kick-started.

Other than these 3 big mistakes, there are numerous small and big mistakes startup founders make while making a pitch deck, which stops them from raising funds. Remember that a great pitch deck is your gateway to get funded and you can always learn “How to create an effective pitch deck“.

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